Complete list of albums, EPs & singles released by The Forefathers

Full Circle

Full-length album. 10-songs. 
Released : June 2016
Stream : Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube Music


Full-length album. 11-songs.
Released : December 2011
Stream : Spotify | Apple Music


Full-length album. 12-songs.
Released : June 2007
Stream : Spotify | Apple Music

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The Forefathers

Self-titled debut. Full-length album. 12-songs.
Released : January 2006
Stream : Spotify | Apple Music

EP & Singles

Comfort & Joy (EP)

Holiday EP. 4-songs. Out-of-print.
Released : December 2007

Europa Tang (Single)

Digital release. 1-song.
Released : September 2020
Listen : YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music